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Jay County / Portland Building & Planning Department

Contact Info

William D. Milligan

 Patricia J. McLaughlin
Administrative Assistant

Jay/Portland Building & Planning Dept.
Community Resource Center
118 S. Meridian St. Suite E
Portland, Indiana 47371

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Phone Number: 260-726-6904
Fax Number: 260-766-4224

  • Administer Local Plan Review Process.
  • Issue City and County Building and Zoning permits.
  • Provide City and County Plan Commission staff support.
  • Provide City and County Board of Zoning Appeals staff support.
  • Administer City and County Zoning Ordinances.
  • Administer City and County Flood Control Ordinances.
  • Respond to citizen inquiries and requests.
  • Administer rezoning processes
  • Perform Building and Zoning inspections.
Current Building Codes In Effect

The following regulations of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission as set out in Title 675 of the Indiana Administrative Code are adopted, with Indiana Amendments as the standards for construction within the jurisdiction of Jay County and the City of Portland, Indiana:

  • 675 IAC 13 - Building Codes (1) Fire and Building Safety Standards.
  • (2) Indiana Building Code, 2008 Ed. (Internat’l Bldg Code, 2006 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 14 - Indiana Residential Code, 2005 Ed. ( Internat’l Residential Code, 2003 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 16 - Indiana Plumbing Code, 1999 Ed. (Uniform Plumbing Code, 1997 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 17 - Indiana Electrical Code, 2005 Ed. (NFPA 70-2005 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 18 - Indiana Mechanical Code, 2008 Ed. (Internat’l Mechanical Code, 2006 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 19 - Indiana Energy Conservation Code, 2001 Ed. (CABO Mdl Energy Code 1992 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 20 - Indiana Swimming Pool Code, 2002 Ed.
  • 675 IAC 22 - Indiana Fire Code, 2008 Ed. (Internat’l Fire Code 2006 Ed.)
  • 675 IAC 24 - Migrant Day Care Nursery Fire Safety Code, 2001 Ed.
  • 675 IAC 25 - Indiana Fuel Gas Code, 2008 Ed. (Internat’l Fuel Gas Code, 2006 Ed.)


The department will assist you in meeting the Zoning and Building requirements applicable to your project.

Just Call 260-726-6904

Zoning Regulations

Area of Coverage:

City of Portland--The City of Portland has the authority within the City limits and two (2) miles beyond the City Limits. Portland zoning ordinance 

Downtown Portland Historic Design Guidelines  Design Guidelines.pdf  9meg

Jay County GIS - Zoning maps  

Jay County--
The authority of Jay County is Salamonia and all other unincorporated areas. Jay zoning ordinance


City of Portland--All Subdivision applications will be reviewed by the Portland Planning Commission. Portland zoning ordinance 

Jay County--
All Subdivision applications will be reviewed by the Jay County Planning Commission. Jay subdivision ordinance

Mobile Homes:

City of Portland--Mobile Homes are permitted only in a Mobile Home Park.

Jay County--Mobile Homes are considered a Special Exception, requiring approval of the Jay County Board of Zoning Appeals. (see Jay County Zoning Ordinance Section 301.8)       Jay zoning ordinance

Do I Need A Permit For …?

New Home - Yes
New Garage or Carport (Wood or Metal) - Yes
New or Enlarged Basement - Yes
Accessory Buildings (100 sq. ft. and over.) - Yes
Additions & Structural Changes (Roof line change, etc.) - Yes
Pool, above or below ground - Yes
Pond - Yes
Towers - Yes
Commercial Buildings - Yes
Ag Buildings - Yes
Home Occupation - Yes
Fence - Yes (City only)
Awning - Yes (City only)

Replacement of:

Vinyl Siding – No
Windows – No
Sidewalks – No
Driveway - No
Re-roofing – (Only if the roof line is not being altered) - No

Floodway Areas

Floodways or floodplain areas are regulated by Portland, Jay County and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR). If you are building near a ditch, waterway, or low area, you need to contact our office for the requirements and regulations governing these areas. Flood maps are available at

 Building Regulations--Building Permit Requirements

Any person or legal entity desiring to construct any new building or structure, or alter, remove or demolish any existing building or structure, shall first make application to the Building & Planning Department.

No permit shall be issued, unless the application for a permit is accompanied by:

  1. A plat or sketch of the proposed location showing the dimensions of the lot, structure and set backs.
  2. Indicate all streets and alleys adjacent to the property, and identify any easements.
  3. Provide the property legal description and the 911 address.
  4. Plans and specifications showing the work to be done.
  5. When applicable, a copy of a Design Release, issued by the State Building Commissioner and the State Fire Marshal pursuant to IC 22-15-3-1.
  6. When applicable, written approval from the City Street or County Highway Department for any driveway cuts, culverts or such other requirements of such department.
  7. When applicable, written approval or a non-objection letter from the County Health Department.
  8. When applicable, written approval or release from the County Surveyor’s Office or written approval from the County Drainage Board for any drainage variance required. Storm Water Drainage Ordinance

The Department shall endeavor to review, and make a determination on, all applications within three (3) working days. The review period may extend beyond the three working days where circumstances require additional review.

Required Building Inspections

Type: Footing (including Post Holes)
Call: After excavation when form is in place but before pouring cement.

Type: Foundation
Call: Crawl space—after block is laid.
Call: Basement—after forms are in place prior to pouring cement.

Type: Under slab Plumbing
Call: Prior to covering with fill.

Type: Slab
Call: Prior to pouring building slab or basement floor (but after reinforcement/wire and vapor barriers are placed).

Type: Framing/Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical
Call: After mechanical, plumbing & electrical systems are installed and before enclosing the walls with insulation, wall board, paneling, etc.

Type: Final
Call: Prior to occupancy of the structure.